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Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Tellabration and More

Well a lot has happened for the Patchwork Players since last we blogged. The high point was probably International Tellabration Day. That is the day when folks all over the world, on every continent except Antarctica, gather to share stories. In these parts James (JamesStoryMagic), the South Coast Storytellers Guild, and the First Lutheran Church of Vista hosted a concert. The event included local, nationally known, and internationally known tellers, including Harlynne Geislar, Mindy Donner, Panchita Acevedo, David Whiting & Dianna Sprithawk, and The Patchwork Players. There was probably the greatest collection of tandem tellers ever collected on one stage. The show was second in a series of concerts at First Lutheran. The crowd was enthusiastic and plan to return for future concerts.

After the Tellebration, Patti jetted off to perform for an overnight gathering of teen from the Seaside Church. She told them a variety of stories (NOT the kindergarten variety). The highlight, though, was a storytelling game where each had to tell us three "facts, two totally true and one that was a dream that they hope to make true in the future. It gives you a lot of faith that this planet will be okay when you hear the dreams of our young people!

On August 22nd James produced the first in a series of concerts at First Lutheran. Since it was back to school time, the theme was 'Lessons Learned'. Tellers included Doris Hand, Marilyn McPhee, Dave Chittenden, Sarah Saulter, Laura Beasly, and James. There was an great turnout. At the artists reception after, two young girls had the tellers autograph a 40 year old book of folktales. They were so excited, the tellers and the girls. It looks like we can build North San Diego into a storytelling nexus.

There were two wonderful storytelling festivals in the last few months. There was the first Orange County Storytelling Festival, and the long running Los Angeles Storytelling festival. Patti & James attended both.

The Orange County Festival was produced by internationally known teller Michael McCarty, and featured tellers like Christopher Yates, Antonio Sacre, Sandra Muzimoto Posey and. It featured concerts, a story swap where folks can share their stories, and Patti & James tell some of theirs. There were also workshops on storytelling, and a 'Fringe' concert with tales of a more adult nature. It was a fine first offering for the Orange County Festival.

Then there was the 8th annual LA Storytelling Festival. Again there were concerts, workshops, swaps, and Fringe. Tellers at the LA festival included local, and national favorite Angela Lloyd, Hawaiian teller of spooky tales Jeff Gere , performance artist Kristina Wong, and storyteller Richard Marsh all the way form Ireland, Ina Buckner-Burnett the 'Sunshine Storyteller, and San Diego favorite Marilyn McPhie as emcee. We're glad this festival continues to draw top notch talent.

Along the we Patti and James busied ourselves with other shows.

James presented as Kvasir, his Norse storytelling alter ego, at a local Viking Festival.

The Patchwork Players old 'Not To Scary' stories at a San Diego library. We have been well received at that library in the past. They have already asked us to do three gigs next year. And then we performed for a Happy Halloween corporate event.

James told at the 'Thrilling and Chilling' concert hosted by the South Coast Storytellers Guild on Halloween night.

Patti and James also served as MC's for the San Diego Jewish Book Festival in La Jolla. This is the 4th year we have been there, and so enjoy seeing the new books for Jewish authors, meeting some of the authors, and sharing some of our favorite Jewish folktales. It is so fun to see friends there year after year.

And, as always, we continue our weekly work at Rady Children's Hospital as Healing Arts Associates on staff. We never get tired to telling stories to the children, family and staff at the hospital. We are even going to play Santa and Mrs. Claus for a special event there mid-December. Ho ho ho!

Now we are running headlong into the new year. Huzzah! remember, the Patchwork Players are already booking for next year, so contact us soon to get us soon to do a concert of workshop for your event, party, or gathering. And for our librarian out there, we are offering two programs for the Summer Reading theme; 'Tales of the Seven Seas: Pirate Stories', and 'Why the Sea is Salty, and Other Stories of the Sea'.

And don't forget the day after Thanksgiving is National Day of Listening. Get someone to tell you are story, or tell one to somebody. It is a great project and a perfect way to enjoy your holiday weekend.


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