Adventures in Storytelling

The adventures of The Patchwork Players, Patti Christensen and James Nelson-Lucas, as they travel the dimensions of time and space, telling their tales

Saturday, March 08, 2008

Storytellers in Paradise

Mid-February took James and his wife Sia, and Patti and her husband, Dick to Maui for a week. We had an amazing and FABULOUS trip. This was mostly a vacation for fun, as well as a celebration of James and Sia's twentieth wedding anniversary.

Of course, everything is grist for the mill for storytelling. We had many adventures that may bring stories to bear in the long run. Among the most exciting her snorkeling at a place called The Aquarium, and a fine luau called The Feat at Lele with coordinated food and dance for four different Polynesian cultures. We also went to the top of the extinct volcano Haleakela to watch the sunrise, and then going on a twenty-eight mile all downhill bike ride, all the way to the beach. Glorious, and a little dangerous, but we all felt great once we reached to bottom.

We really enjoyed visiting some historic sites, including the Ioa Valley where there was a bloody battle the ended in the uniting the the Hawaiian islands. Breathtaking views, and some culture villages. We took advantage of the chance to tell a traditional story about how the god Maui was able to capture the sun in his fishing net on Haleakela, and talk the sun into taking a longer time going across the sky so that we would have time to do all the things that we want to fit into our busy lives. As we were telling stories and mugging for photos a cute young couple came up and asked if we would take their photos. We said “Of course, but only if you well us a story.” The man immediately agreed and told us the true story of them coming to Maui for a college football bowl, but getting engaged that week. They were adorable, and we took their photos.

We also found a Hawaiian version of one of our favorite stories “Too Much Noise”. In this version, the granmother “Tutu” was the wise woman who advised the many about how to deal with his crowded, noisey house. We LOVE to find different cultural versions of the same stories. Just as people travel, so do stories.

And so “Aloha from the Patchwork Players”. And see you in paradise.