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Monday, June 28, 2010

Modern Princess Tales for Girl Scouts

Today we made a return visit to the Yorba Linda Girl Scout Day Camp, in Yorba Linda, CA. This finely run week has 450 elementary aged girls, Jr and Sr High volunteers, adult leaders, and even activities for the little brothers and sisters.

Nearly a cast of thousands.

We had such a nice time telling some of our favorite princess stories like Rapunzel, The Paperbag Princess, the Invention of The Catapult, and The Frog Princess. Total joy to have kids really listening and "into" the stories. This is James' second time and Patti's third time with them, and we'd be happy to go back every year. Great job, gang!

The campers are spending the week with a "blast from the past" learning all about life in "the old days" like when we were kids. They are going to make pet rocks, learn to do yoga, and wear poddle skirts. How cool is that?

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