Adventures in Storytelling

The adventures of The Patchwork Players, Patti Christensen and James Nelson-Lucas, as they travel the dimensions of time and space, telling their tales

Sunday, November 02, 2008

The Patchwork Players in the News

One of our Fall activities has been going through our file of press clippings. Here are some of our favorite print articles from the past couple of years.

One of our all time favorite performances was when we were commissioned by the J. Paul Getty Museum. We were the second storytellers in an on-going project where storytellers created a performance piece based on a work of art in the Getty collection. We chose a 19th century French chandelier in the shape of a hot air balloon. Our story was a heroes journey, with a girl facing her fears and rescuing her uncle the eccentric inventor. The entire process was very exciting, and the story was very well-received. We got to perform it multiple times a Sunday for several months in a row. And then we were brought back for an additional encore performance. We LOVE bringing art to life.

Scary stories are an October favorite all over. We always are telling stories like crazy around Halloween time. Here is a nice review of our work on VERY scary urban legends at the Oceanside Public Library, Oceanside CA. We also do a lot of Not TOO Scary Stories programs, but this one was no holding back scary.

Street Buskers are a long time tradition all around the world. Seaport Village in San Diego decided to orchestrate local performers in a buskers festival. Buskers is an old-fashioned phrase for street performers who pass the hat for their pay. James and Patti enjoyed performing along with jugglers, musicians, dancers, and performers who defied category. Storytelling isn't as flashy as some of these, but the chance to personalize stories to passers by was a delight for all.

Patti did a lot of work with Literacy for several years. Here is an article that focuses on one of the concepts she teaches.

Every year in Orange County California, there is a wonderful festival entitled The Imagination Celebration....a great festival celebrating all of the arts. Patti and James joined storytelling friends Linda King-Pruitt and Adrienne McMillian in a even sponsored by Th Orange Curtain. Fun was had by all.

So, thanks for looking through our scrap back with us. And watch for us at a venue near you.